About us

Solution Spark is a team of web and mobile developers that’s responsible for over 88 successful website launches, 16 mobile apps, six years of 24/7 web support for major publishers and thousands of lines of code committed to open source projects. See what we can do for you or find out how to join the team.

  • John Roseman

    Software Engineer

    John Roseman graduated from Yale University with a degree in Computer Science. After stints working at NASA, ARPA and on Wall Street, he resettled in the Soviet Union in 1991. John was instrumental in the introduction of Linux in Russia and is a long-time activist in the Free Software Community. Since 2008 his main focus has been on Drupal. Now a permanent resident of Belarus, John is an everyday bike commuter and advocate for sustainable transportation.

  • Igor Kandyba

    Technical Director

    Igor Kandyba has been building websites for over eight years. An early adopter of Drupal (ditched Wordpress in favour of Drupal 4.6 for building a community website for Belarusian State University). Recognizing Drupal's bright future and opportunities, Igor eagerly joined in and started his career as web developer and trainer, presenting at numerous conferences, barcamps and workshops in Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, and far to the West. Since then, Igor has worked at all stages of project development workflow, from up-front consulting, project management, system architecture, deployment and server management capacities. Businesswise, he's a huge fan of business-hypothesis-driven experimentation, iterative releases and validated learning. In management Igor sticks to DSDM and Lean methodologies, stressing the importance of documentation and following processes. Igor's continuously learning new things and felt in love with Symfony recently, while getting ready for the upcoming Drupal 8 release.

  • Yahor Malshewski

    Lead Developer

    Yahor Malshewski. Drupalist. Information geek. Master of history by education. Web specialist by occupation. Yahor specializes in web development (primarily Drupal). He loves to find and fix elusive/fatal bugs, likes brown ale & airsoft.

  • Gleb Kanunnikau

    Design Director

    Gleb Kanunnikau is an interface designer with a background in marketing/CRM and education. He has worked at Philips Electronics, developed online solutions for the Economist group and other media organizations, and taught seminars and workshops on web technologies for the media and infoactivists in dozens of cities of Eastern Europe, former Soviet Union/Central Asia. Gleb speaks five languages and actively participates in the meetup and hackerspace community by organizing social hackathons for web developers, open source activists, electronic gadget makers, architects and anyone interested in the intersection of online and offline, culture and technologies.

  • Alina Radachynskaja

    Account manager

    Alina Radachynskaja has worked as an international correspondent for four years in Belarus and in Russia. Her scope of activities includes communication, non profit projects and partnership with media.

  • Alexey Iovchuk

    Drupal developer

    Alexey Yovchuk has 5 years experience as a Drupal developer. Worked with variety of third party projects. It gave him the ability to explore very different unfamiliar environments. Interested in professional growth.